When it comes to deciding

Some men feel it’s better or easier to stay out of the decision making process because pregnancy is to do with a woman's body and it appears to be just the woman's choice. Some men just feel helpless. But most women are deeply affected by the way their partners respond to the pregnancy.

You may, as a man, feel relieved that you don't have to make the final decision. Many men say to their partners “I'll support you whatever you decide...” This can feel like the best thing to say, but it often just places the burden entirely on the woman’s shoulders, at a time when she may be struggling to come to terms with what has happened and really needs your input.

It's important for everyone that men have the same time and space to consider their thoughts and feelings about the pregnancy and the options open to them and their partner:

Parenting - We can help you explore how you feel about continuing the pregnancy and becoming a parent.

Abortion - We can provide information about what's involved and a space to explore how you feel.

Adoption - We can look into the practicalities of this process and how it might affect you.

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