Pregnancy Choice

An unintended pregnancy can be a crisis for anyone, no matter what your age, status or circumstance. Facing this can be a difficult and confusing experience.

At Reflect, you can talk to a trained volunteer who will listen, offer you space to think and help you consider all the possible options. You are welcome to bring a friend/partner with you. We aim to help you look at the three options you have with an unintended pregnancy: parenting, abortion and adoption.

Parenting - We can help you explore how you feel about continuing the pregnancy and becoming a parent.

Abortion - We can provide information about what's involved and a space to explore how you feel.

Adoption - We can look into the practicalities of this process and how it might affect you.

The most important thing about making a decision is that it is not based on fear, panic or manipulation.  If a woman (and partner also) make an informed decision that has not been rushed, they are far more likely to feel comfortable in carrying through that decision and looking back at that decision.


Antenatal screening or diagnostic test concerns

If you have been advised of a possible foetal anomaly you may feel distressed and confused about what to do. We offer support when facing such an agonising situation.


To make an appointment or enquire about support available - contact us.


All support is confidential; therefore it will not be shared with anyone outside of the organisation (unless in the rare case you disclose something that indicates you or someone else is at risk of harm. We may then have to inform someone, but you will be kept fully aware of any actions we take, unless there is a risk to ourselves in doing so.)

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